We need more female rapists


This is a picture of rapists in media and, if you’ve got an ounce of decency inside of you, you will notice what’s wrong with the image depicted above. Yes, those are all white, cis-het males. From the pixilated buttocks of Colonel Cluster to the furious stare of the King of Gods himself, the portrayal of rapists in popular culture is that of a white, cis-het male. We could almost say that white, cis-het male is the face of rape.

But does art reflect reality? Of course not. It would be ludicrous to even suggest that rapists don’t come in every color of the rainbow and in every gender available. But why, then, are other races and genders so blatantly absent from mass media’s representation of rapists? The answer is simple: Patriarchy.

Yes, Patriarchy. To make sense of this we must understand what’s the meaning of rape, not as an act itself but as a cultural part of media. Rape is a demonstration of power or dominion over someone else’s body. As we know, Patriarchy has used every means possible to spread the idea of men being dominant over other genders, and even between males, of white men having power over other races. We must not confuse this attitude as a desirable attitude; most rapists in media are not presented in a positive light. Yet, they are presented as capable of rape and subjugation of others. This means that, even if they shouldn’t, they can rape. They have that power.

In this narrative, women, trans, other genders and other races are presented as less powerful, due to their inability to rape. The only way to fight back this erroneous stereotype is to push for more representation of rapists of multiple backgrounds. And not token rapists, but full-fledged rapists. By taking back this narrative we could usurp the privilege of the current state of rape culture. Sex as an intimidation tactic to keep non-white cis-hets down would be amplified to all genders and races, destroying the patriarchy’s privilege. We must act now, some countries are so misogynistic that they have declaredimpossible for a woman to rape a man, conflating women with animals rather with human beings.


I would like to end this on a sweeter note, with a giant kudos to DC comics on their non-normative depiction of rape. Yes, it is still something widely done by white cis-het characters, but they are one of the companies with more diversity on the rape demographic. We can count with the presence of charismatic female rapists like Talia Al Ghul, and even addressing the real accurate statistic of female-on-female rape, by having Batwoman be raped by Nocturna. Keep doing a good job, DC!


BlackLivesMatter and why we need the second amendment

One of the many topics that divide America today is the discussion about gun control. It doesn’t matter how many tragedies happen in our glorious country, the defendants of the second amendment are adamant against regulation. And for good reason. The second amendment is there to give every citizen the right to protect themselves. But against whom, exactly?

Let me introduce you to BlackLivesMatter, a movement conceived to protest against the police brutality targeted at black people across the United States. This move claims that there is a form of systemic racism permeating America, stuck in its backbone, with highly real life consequences, where a certain demographic is under attack in a way that legitimizes the crimes committed against them by use of public force. By any other means, racial extermination or population control.

Now, the existence of the second amendment is to protect the population from this kind of systemic attacks. It was not conceived to protect the population from foreign threats, that’s the place of the army, but rather from tyrannical regimes. And I can’t think of a better example in modern societies of this tyranical structures than a government operated force that justifies murder through racial profiling.

Of course, I’m not advocating for racial war. I think that the lack of accountability in the system and a corrupt force are the ones to blame for the current state of things, not a race. But when the soldiers that enforce these racial travesty come knocking at your door, you better have the means to defend yourself and those who you love. The responsible thing to do would be to give every black person guns, followed by every Muslim person, since they are the second most profiled demographic.

And maybe, for now, let’s try not to mess much with the first amendment. I know that in an ideal world we would be able to police hate speech and hate thought, but in the current events we must avoid have BlackLivesMatter labeled as a criminal group that promotes hate and crime just for the actions of misguided individuals. Remember, we’re not all like that. #notallblacklivesmatter.

Edit: that was such a poor choice of words! What I meant to say was #notallthosewhoadvocateforallblacklivesmatter.

A win by Trump is a win for feminism

We’re finally reaching the end of this mutually embarrassing election season. A season that has mainly revolved around a strong character who has single handedly polarized the public discourse around his figure. Trump has gained notoriety for his platform of banning Muslims, building walls and making China poor again by moving all work outsourced to the country back to the US. Hillary’s strongest standing point, and the basics for her platform, is “well, at least I’m not Trump“. This has been a successful strategy, since the American people widely think that none of the candidates are trustworthy and, thus, this election is more about framing the other candidate as worse, rather than claiming one is the best person for the job. This, in turn, has obscured the discussion of what will actually happen when either of both gets elected behind the identity politics of who is more racist and who is more corrupt. Let’s rectify this mistake with a short analysis of which will be the consequence of either candidate winning the election and, most importantly, how it will affect feminism.

It seems like common sense to think that a Clinton presidency would, at least, keep the growth of feminism that we’ve been seeing in the past few years. In the best case scenario, Ms. Clinton will pander to feminism in exchange for support. We must avoid this. Feminism cannot gain power, since sexism is prejudice+power and gaining power would make feminism sexist. Being able to participate in the political sphere would undermine our narrative and diminish our support. Now, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t seize the means of production, it just means that the numbers are not in just yet.

But what would happen if Trump won? Well, a lot of things. Trump’s government will be inefficient, not because of his politics but because of the nature of the candidate. Trump does not belong to the political elite, his career has not been built around that. That’s the reason why even within his own party he hasn’t gained acclaimed success as their candidate. And a president without support from Congress and Supreme Court will just not be able to implement many of his politics. Remember that congresspeople, senators and judges have worked all their lives to attain the place where they are now. They won’t take it lightly for any stranger to occupy the biggest office in the country, and they will make an example out of him.

During this time, feminism will flourish. We will have the orange cis-het capitalist patriarch running the highest charge of the nation, a clear enemy to oppose.

Since the nature of this election is who not to choose, rather than who to choose, the radical positions of Trump will sway the public in the opposite direction, especially when his politics are universally sabotaged by every person in a political position, either inside the country or foreigner. What’s more, our influences within the universities will grow, as we continue to teach the right way to think about social justice to youths disgruntled by the faults of government. We’ve seen the positive effects we’re currently having in universities, and with a victory of Trump I only see this influence growing. And with those we’re currently teaching growing to become members of the working society, I see feminism and the other lesser forms of social justice growing to be the desirable status quo. This would be the perfect time to completely seize power. If we’re lucky, the extremist views of Trump will increase tensions, which will increase the demand for control organisms, which we’ll be able to use later on to police the internet and remove those dissenting trolls from expressing their misguided opinions. But that’s incurring too much in the territory of fantasy, as of now.

I know it’s counter-intuitive to vote for the candidate we most oppose but, in the long run, I trust this decision will be better for feminism. Remember: in the game of feminism, misogyny is not the opposing team. It is the ball.

What to expect, how to behave

Hey, everyone! Thanks for taking the time of reading these lines. You clearly adhere to the lost and rare principle of reading the instruction manual before playing the game. You must be a clever person. I think I like you.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain some thoughts experiments and be able to discuss them openly with the unfortunate chaps, chappettes and Apache Attack Helicopters that happen to enjoy this kind of entertainment. I, personally, don’t adhere to ideas here expressed, but I will defend them as if they were my own, which they are… ok, that got a little tangled, but I think you’re smart enough to understand what I mean. If you adhere to them, I have not a lesser opinion of you and I still think you’re great just for being here. As a matter of fact, you’re my favorite.

English is not my first language, and all corrections on grammar or spelling will be scoffed with a silent and invisible eye roll. However, if you ever have doubts about what is being said because of my poor spelling, please, feel free to point it out. Besides, I will write these mostly while I’m high, so I really can’t be bothered by nitpicks.

However, I will ask some conducts standards from you:

1- This is a place to discuss ideas, you shall not engage in personal bantering. If you want to call someone an hypocrite, work around it. Say something like “X idea contradicts X action in a way that’s morally dubious”. Be smart about it. Besides, the less I know about your lives, the better. You are probably a cunt anyways.

2- On that note, no personal information. I just don’t care.

3- Each comment must include the word “cunt”. The only exception will be me, and that’s a privilege that I will withhold.

I think that’s it, but if I find something else I’ll let you know.