BlackLivesMatter and why we need the second amendment

One of the many topics that divide America today is the discussion about gun control. It doesn’t matter how many tragedies happen in our glorious country, the defendants of the second amendment are adamant against regulation. And for good reason. The second amendment is there to give every citizen the right to protect themselves. But against whom, exactly?

Let me introduce you to BlackLivesMatter, a movement conceived to protest against the police brutality targeted at black people across the United States. This move claims that there is a form of systemic racism permeating America, stuck in its backbone, with highly real life consequences, where a certain demographic is under attack in a way that legitimizes the crimes committed against them by use of public force. By any other means, racial extermination or population control.

Now, the existence of the second amendment is to protect the population from this kind of systemic attacks. It was not conceived to protect the population from foreign threats, that’s the place of the army, but rather from tyrannical regimes. And I can’t think of a better example in modern societies of this tyranical structures than a government operated force that justifies murder through racial profiling.

Of course, I’m not advocating for racial war. I think that the lack of accountability in the system and a corrupt force are the ones to blame for the current state of things, not a race. But when the soldiers that enforce these racial travesty come knocking at your door, you better have the means to defend yourself and those who you love. The responsible thing to do would be to give every black person guns, followed by every Muslim person, since they are the second most profiled demographic.

And maybe, for now, let’s try not to mess much with the first amendment. I know that in an ideal world we would be able to police hate speech and hate thought, but in the current events we must avoid have BlackLivesMatter labeled as a criminal group that promotes hate and crime just for the actions of misguided individuals. Remember, we’re not all like that. #notallblacklivesmatter.

Edit: that was such a poor choice of words! What I meant to say was #notallthosewhoadvocateforallblacklivesmatter.


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