A win by Trump is a win for feminism

We’re finally reaching the end of this mutually embarrassing election season. A season that has mainly revolved around a strong character who has single handedly polarized the public discourse around his figure. Trump has gained notoriety for his platform of banning Muslims, building walls and making China poor again by moving all work outsourced to the country back to the US. Hillary’s strongest standing point, and the basics for her platform, is “well, at least I’m not Trump“. This has been a successful strategy, since the American people widely think that none of the candidates are trustworthy and, thus, this election is more about framing the other candidate as worse, rather than claiming one is the best person for the job. This, in turn, has obscured the discussion of what will actually happen when either of both gets elected behind the identity politics of who is more racist and who is more corrupt. Let’s rectify this mistake with a short analysis of which will be the consequence of either candidate winning the election and, most importantly, how it will affect feminism.

It seems like common sense to think that a Clinton presidency would, at least, keep the growth of feminism that we’ve been seeing in the past few years. In the best case scenario, Ms. Clinton will pander to feminism in exchange for support. We must avoid this. Feminism cannot gain power, since sexism is prejudice+power and gaining power would make feminism sexist. Being able to participate in the political sphere would undermine our narrative and diminish our support. Now, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t seize the means of production, it just means that the numbers are not in just yet.

But what would happen if Trump won? Well, a lot of things. Trump’s government will be inefficient, not because of his politics but because of the nature of the candidate. Trump does not belong to the political elite, his career has not been built around that. That’s the reason why even within his own party he hasn’t gained acclaimed success as their candidate. And a president without support from Congress and Supreme Court will just not be able to implement many of his politics. Remember that congresspeople, senators and judges have worked all their lives to attain the place where they are now. They won’t take it lightly for any stranger to occupy the biggest office in the country, and they will make an example out of him.

During this time, feminism will flourish. We will have the orange cis-het capitalist patriarch running the highest charge of the nation, a clear enemy to oppose.

Since the nature of this election is who not to choose, rather than who to choose, the radical positions of Trump will sway the public in the opposite direction, especially when his politics are universally sabotaged by every person in a political position, either inside the country or foreigner. What’s more, our influences within the universities will grow, as we continue to teach the right way to think about social justice to youths disgruntled by the faults of government. We’ve seen the positive effects we’re currently having in universities, and with a victory of Trump I only see this influence growing. And with those we’re currently teaching growing to become members of the working society, I see feminism and the other lesser forms of social justice growing to be the desirable status quo. This would be the perfect time to completely seize power. If we’re lucky, the extremist views of Trump will increase tensions, which will increase the demand for control organisms, which we’ll be able to use later on to police the internet and remove those dissenting trolls from expressing their misguided opinions. But that’s incurring too much in the territory of fantasy, as of now.

I know it’s counter-intuitive to vote for the candidate we most oppose but, in the long run, I trust this decision will be better for feminism. Remember: in the game of feminism, misogyny is not the opposing team. It is the ball.


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