What to expect, how to behave

Hey, everyone! Thanks for taking the time of reading these lines. You clearly adhere to the lost and rare principle of reading the instruction manual before playing the game. You must be a clever person. I think I like you.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain some thoughts experiments and be able to discuss them openly with the unfortunate chaps, chappettes and Apache Attack Helicopters that happen to enjoy this kind of entertainment. I, personally, don’t adhere to ideas here expressed, but I will defend them as if they were my own, which they are… ok, that got a little tangled, but I think you’re smart enough to understand what I mean. If you adhere to them, I have not a lesser opinion of you and I still think you’re great just for being here. As a matter of fact, you’re my favorite.

English is not my first language, and all corrections on grammar or spelling will be scoffed with a silent and invisible eye roll. However, if you ever have doubts about what is being said because of my poor spelling, please, feel free to point it out. Besides, I will write these mostly while I’m high, so I really can’t be bothered by nitpicks.

However, I will ask some conducts standards from you:

1- This is a place to discuss ideas, you shall not engage in personal bantering. If you want to call someone an hypocrite, work around it. Say something like “X idea contradicts X action in a way that’s morally dubious”. Be smart about it. Besides, the less I know about your lives, the better. You are probably a cunt anyways.

2- On that note, no personal information. I just don’t care.

3- Each comment must include the word “cunt”. The only exception will be me, and that’s a privilege that I will withhold.

I think that’s it, but if I find something else I’ll let you know.


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